Speropulos Family | Family of Four

Let’s begin back at Michael’s first year of Seminary. He was telling me about this guy that he had met. And he was AWESOME! Why? That was my question too. The obvious answer–his beard. (Of course! Why hadn’t I thought of that!?) Apparently there’s an unwritten rule of respect for men with great beards. And that. That is how I first heard about the Speropulos’.

I’ve gotten the pleasure of getting to know Pete and Jess over the last couple years. From letting our dogs Honeybear and Maximus play out front of our apartments, to game nights, to the time when they invited Michael and I over for dinner (and let me tell you–their meal did not disappoint!) Pete and Jess both have a creative flare that I adore! You should see their house! It’s like you snap shot pictures from Pinterest then pasted them into an apartment! And anyone that meets Jess is instantly attracted to her quick wit and glorious personality!

About a year ago we heard the wonderful news that Jess was expecting! It was one of those times when God constantly placed them on my heart, to lift them up in prayer. And when little Lucy Pearl came out healthy (and positively gorgeous!) she was a beautiful answer to prayer!

So enough talk. Here’s Jess-a radiant mom. Lucy Pearl-a lovely daughter. Pete-a respectably bearded dad. (And of course-Honeybear).

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