Tony, Brooke, Holden & Iris | Lafayette in Yellow

Well tonight my friends–tonight I’m sick. But if I have to be under the weather, I get to do so with a hot cup of tea and the faces of these beautiful people in front of me!

For all of you who don’t know, I work full time at a Medical Supply Company (you know, my 9-5 job). It’s at this job I met Brooke. If you met Brooke, there are a few things you’ll quickly find out about her. She loves a good time, she loves special events and festivals, her boyfriend Tony, and of course–her darling kiddos Holden and Iris! I love reading Facebook posts and hearing stories about the things this hilarious kids say–oh from the mouth of babes!

I got to take their pictures about this time (but on a MUCH colder morning) last year. Holden and Iris were true sports (okay, okay…and they may have been bribed with donuts afterwards). Fall rolled around again, and Brooke asked about availability for family shoots. Luckily, I had a Saturday morning open! And bonus points: it was the weekend of Iris’ fifth birthday! Every day at work Brooke would tell me about the different props she had–her green chair, the quilted blanket, their outfits (hint: for future clients, I LOVE this!!!!) Saturday morning rolled around and the weather was, shall I say, SUBLIME! The burning yellow and orange trees contrasted the crisp Fall air. It was textbook perfect!

So you may not be sick, but go ahead. Grab your favorite cup of tea (or coffee at 9:50 pm…there’s no judging here), and enjoy!

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