Reed Family | A Bag of Sour Patch

Where to begin?

In case you didn’t notice, this is my sister. (And yes, we have had countless people ask us if we’re twins!) There’s something you can’t quite express like a bond between sisters. When we were growing up (and still today–every day) I look up to her. It’s funny, you know, looking back. Gosh there are SO many memories I could share (hehe, but lets be honest, this is far from the last shoot I’m going to do of them…so stay tuned for more stories!) but the one I’m going to choose tonight takes us back to middle school.

I remember talking (like any two little girls would) about what our future would look like. I think this particular day we were walking back from our barn to the house. (Oversized cow boots and all). Like you would expect, I was gleefully sharing about how many kids I wanted, what I wanted my husband to be like…but no sir. Not my sister. She told me she was going to go to college, graduate, then head to the mission field alone. Then a pretty little deal was struck. I bet her she would get married and have kids. She (very sure of herself as normal), stuck out her hand and shook. Winner would get a big bag of Sour Patch Kids!

Well, she got the first two right! Heather went to college and there she met Gabe. With quick wit and a sincere love of Christ, he swept her off her feet!! Took my beautiful, self-assured, bold sister and one wintery night asked her to be his wife. (And thank goodness he did! It was at their wedding I met my husband Michael and my dreams I had chatted about with my sister years before started to come true!)

Fast forward a few years. Michael (my now husband) and I were driving back from Kansas to Saint Louis when my sister called. She started off by saying, “Hey Ces! Can you put me on speakerphone?” …She followed that statement with, “WE’RE PREGNANT!!!” I freaked out!!!!! (Seriously, I did!!! My sister saved the next couple days worth of voicemails I sent to her! She has proof!) Then February 12th, 2014 baby Tytus was born. My sisters son.

And after all that….Heather, I do believe you still owe me a bag of Sour Patch.