Munie Wedding | A Semi-Snowy Love

I love all the back stories to how brides come to find out about me! My friend, neighbor and fellow photographer, Megan referred Haylee to me after she found out she was pregnant with her firstborn! (Congratulations to Megan on sweet baby Soren’s birth…who entered the world healthy and beautiful just a week ago!) Anyways, back to the story!

Haylee contacted me about being the photographer at her wedding and asked if I could meet her and Sam at Starbucks. Now lets be honest, just about anything that starts at Starbucks is going to end in a good thing! My theory proved true once again! As we sat at Starbucks we got to get to know each other. I quickly realized I was sitting there with a smile on my face listening to them. I respect these two so much. Haylee was getting her Masters & planning their wedding while Sam bought their first house! So much excitement and change!! But it’s not just the events of their life that was so fun to see, it was their sincerity towards one another. It was the way the placed Jesus at the center of their life together. Their love was so evident!

The day of the wedding came and it was BEAUTIFUL! Haylee was a radiant bride!!! Sam’s smile was only for her. It was SUCH a cold (and yes even a little snowy) Fall day, but they were such troopers! We may have had to blast the heat to dethaw our fingers between wedding party pictures, but lets be honest. It was worth it! Every minute was worth it! Watching them declare their love to each other in front of family and friends, watching them make a covenant to each other before God!

Each picture from Haylee and Sam’s wedding is a memory.

Enjoy them like I did.

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