Plotzke Family | Longview Farm Park

There is something special about having repeat clients. A bond that has already developed. A friendship that has already formed. Something special about knowing that they enjoyed the moments you captured so much so that they want you to come back into their life and catch more.

This was my FOURTH time photographing the Plotzke family! So take that already outstanding feeling, and magnify it four times over!!! Add to that the fact that Michael and I used to be in their small group when we lived in Saint Louis!! This was a special morning indeed!!

Also, can I take a moment to point out Leighton’s fur jacket!! Adorable right!? I was SO tempted to borrow it from her! (Hehe) I literally almost bought one similar the night before I showed up for their shoot! And Ephraim! That boy sure does know how to smile!!! Tell me he doesn’t look like a little man! Leather jacket, perfect curls—-and that SMILE!!! Mike and Alecia, between these two you’re going to have your hands full during the teenage years!! What a joy to be a part of your families life again!

Golden morning rays, love’s sweet kisses, and simple children’s giggles…..oh what a shoot!
family-pictures-at-longview-farm-park_0001 family-pictures-at-longview-farm-park_0002 family-pictures-at-longview-farm-park_0003

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