Speropulos Family Mini | Forest Park

After I took the Speropulos’ pictures last year, I fell in love with this little family! (Remember their pup Honeybear, the colorful quilt, the sweet orange toole skirt?! SEE IT HERE).  Okay, okay. You caught me, I loved them long before then! But after seeing Peter and Jess interact with sweet Lucy Pearl, after watching them laugh at her faces, after seeing them care for her–I hoped I would get the opportunity to get to take their pictures again. I’m realizing more and more the beauty of family–the blessing of life. Families where love is truly evident, where memories linger and hope for the future gleams in the parents eyes. The more I live life, the more I realize these families are rare. And precious.

And the Speropulos family is one of them.

I know words sometimes can’t accurately describe or express all that I’d like to say. And thankfully, beautifully–pictures can. So why don’t you just see them yourself. You’ll understand.
family-pictures-at-forest-park_0001 family-pictures-at-forest-park_0002

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