Schweiss Family | Longview Farm Park

Once again, I’m amazed at what sweet clients I have! Of all the people in the world–I am blessed to get to be a part of the kindest, sweetest, most genuine souls! Hands down!!

I had never met Jenny and Adam before, but had the joy of being friends with Adam’s younger brother and his wife. I should have known that if they were anything like Erin and Eric, they would have to be amazing! And they were!!! The afternoon I arrived on location, I hopped out of my red car and popped the trunk to get my camera bag. As soon as I closed the trunk, I turned to look and saw Adam, tall, red hair. No doubt about it–this was Eric’s brother!

I walked over and Jenny immediately introduced herself–beaming smile! She was bubbly, personable, easy to talk to. (I kid you not, I thought if we didn’t live far away from each other it would be so fun to have coffee with her!) And I haven’t even got to their kids! The girls loved on each other, hugged and tickled. Jack walked around like a boss! Curious as any one year old! Henry loved being in his dads arms! Oh my-what a beautiful family!

I’m happy to announce that in a matter of a day, I have six new Schweiss friends. 🙂
family-pictures-at-longview-farm-park_0001 family-pictures-at-longview-farm-park_0002 family-pictures-at-longview-farm-park_0003