Rick + Keegan Engagement | Shawnee Mission Park

He’s a firefighter. She’s a nurse.
(Any love story that starts like that has got to be a good one!) And guys, it is!!

They both work crazy hours, so each had decided to sign up on an online dating site to meet people! They caught each others attention and decided to make an outing to a Mexican restaurant as their first date! (I love how Keegan put it–“Guacamole is my love language!!!” Hahah) They hit it off right away! The night ended with a motorcycle ride! And that’s how their story began…

When I met with Keegan and Rick for coffee before I took their pictures, it was easy to see their love for each other! I absolutely adore getting to know each couple!! To hear their story. So unique to them. So full of details, memories. To watch them interact. And getting to know Keegan and Rick was no different! They told me about their beginning, told me about their pups (haha or fur babies as Keegan puts it), Ollie & Bella. 🙂

During our shoot Keegan had gone to change into her second outfit so Rick made a cup of coffee and we talked. He told me about their recent adventure! (And if there was one word I’d use to describe them, it would be adventurous!!!) You’ll never guess what they did!! They went SKYDIVING! So a firefighter and nurse who met online (fell in love over guacamole), rode into the night on a motorcycle (discovered this was the love of their lives) then went skydiving in California!! If that’s not the most exciting start to a love story, I don’t know what is!!!

So cheers to the bride & groom to be!
May your adventures live on!
engagement-pictures-at-shawnee-mission-park_0001 engagement-pictures-at-shawnee-mission-park_0002