Howell Family | Shawnee Mission Park

A few nights before I took the Howell’s family pictures I got an email from Maureen. I clicked it and read it over–she asked me if I would look at the outfits she had chosen for her family! Uh-yeah! How amazing is that!? I LOVE when clients ask my opinion! I clicked on the attachment and I was THRILLED! Maureen, you don’t give yourself enough credit! You did a WONDERFUL job!!!

It was a sunrise shoot. (Which is always a good idea! I mean, come on! You can’t beat the golden glow!) I always try and get to the location before my clients so I can scout out the best lighted spots. I drove all around the park and found the most perfect field! A beautiful, beautiful field! Only problem was, we had to hike back to get to it. The Howell’s pulled up right on time! Before the kids tumbled out of the car I went over to their window and told them I found a great location! So they followed me to my big, open field, parked on the side of the road and hopped out. I can only imagine what they were thinking. But you know what?? They didn’t say a word! They grabbed their red wagon & chair (double points for bringing props!), held hands with the kiddos and began the trek! The wheat was above Anna’s head! But they trusted my judgement which means the absolute world!!! Top all that off with the fact that Drew, Anna & Wyatt were some of the most well behaved kids! (Haha and that’s when the circle of perfection was completed!)

So thank you Maureen, for your sense of style and Mike, for your sense of adventure (and for raising three wonderfully behaved kids)! Howell family—you made my morning quite enjoyable indeed!
family-pictures-at-shawnee-mission-park_0001 family-pictures-at-shawnee-mission-park_0002 family-pictures-at-shawnee-mission-park_0003

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