D’Ella | A Contemporary, Upscale Extended Family Shoot

The forecast showed rain.

Rain for days. No break. Julie’s brothers and their families were coming into town for Thanksgiving weekend, and the forecast showed rain. But you know what I love about Julie? That didn’t dissuade her one bit! My absolute favorite place to take pictures is outdoors…..but oh my goodness!! Isn’t this little nook of the world one the coolest, most fun, eccentric locations?! We walked down the stairs to a landing with floor to ceiling windows (oh I love natural light!!) Outside it drizzled–outside the gray sky fell. But inside this outgoing, lively family made memories. Inside they joked and bantered (siblings never stop being siblings!) Inside their wit and playful banter made up for the weather.

The forecast showed rain–but it was not matter.
No matter at all.

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