Brandon + Julie Engagement | Smithville Lake

When one comes across a location like this one, you can’t help but feel its wonder. There was something about the way the clouds puffed above the clear blue waters. Something about the serenity of the scene. Something about the warm light and the light sway of wheat. Something about the gravel pathway and the overgrown trees that makes you take in everything (and one thing by one thing) both at once. There was something about the sun falling asleep, casting a day full of warm rays across the fields. And it was beautiful.

And so is true when the groom finds the woman he’ll spend the rest of his days with. His sleeping hours and his rising moments. He can’t help but feel the marvel that she is yours–always. She is beautiful to behold. Her laugh, her eyes, her sparkle. The way she carries herself. There is something about the atmosphere around her, something that is uniquely hers. And he gets to discover what it is every day for the rest of his life.

Now, in this moment.
And forever.