Keegan + Rick Wedding | Red Barn Farm

She did her makeup, her hair, surrounded by bridesmaids that each meant something unique and beautiful from her different stages of life. They laughed, and grinned and sang. Groomsmen joked and put on bow ties. Fellow firemen, friends, brothers. With anticipation they began the day.

Under the soft blue sky, in the presence of family and friends they would commit their lives to each other. In swaying wheat and on rolling hills they would take in the moment, the reality that they could now claim as their own as husband and wife. They would look in each others eyes, seeing a reflection of the other. The reflection they would see each day forward for years and years to come. By the greenhouse they would laugh, they would dance, they would walk hand in hand like they would walk through life. Together. Never alone. Always a hand to hold, to support, to lift, to guide.

Toasts were made, stories were told. Wisdom from parents shared and tributes from friends made as glasses were raised. In the open barn, as fresh air from the night sky drifted in, they danced. A party. A celebration. They feeling of beauty and unity and excitement and adventure and emotion swirled and surged and swelled.

Today began their forever.

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