Clapham Family | Downtown Kansas City

If there were ever a family that was down to earth, real & what you see is what you get—it’s the Claphams!

One of the first memories I have of them is from about a month or two after Michael and I got to Kansas City. The Clapham’s and another incredibly sweet family from our church invited us for dinner and games! One of my absolute favorite things about Amy is her quick wit and hilarious sense of humor! She’s the kind of person who fills up a room, who takes a complete stranger and makes them feel like she’s known them for years. She’s fun and energetic and bubbly. I remember thinking, “I want to be friends with her!” And as outgoing as Amy is, so Tom is kind. He’s even keel and easy going. He’s low key and makes people in the room comfortable. Then you have Connor and Abigail. Conner, the life of the party and Abigail, the reliable friend! And then you put all of them together and you come out with one special family!

So when I was asked to take their family pictures I knew would be fun! (And Amy’s hilarious comments and dancing in the background didn’t disappoint!) We had a gorgeous Summer evening downtown walking the streets (mostly because the parking was a little crazy!), but made the night a memory. We finished the night at the Liberty Memorial–complete with Kansas City skyline and the golden glow!

Clapham family–I’m so thankful for you!!!

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