1 Simple Way to Create a Gorgeous Bubble Exit

I love bubble exits!!! Maybe it’s the inner child in me coming out, but lets be honest. Who DOESN’T like bubbles?? (Can I get an amen??)

Bubble exits are such a fun addition to any wedding!!! The more weddings that I shoot, the more I’m certain of the one super simple tip everybody can do to create a gorgeous bubble exit! Drum roll pleeeeease!! Squeeze in and squash together! (Does that count as two tips?) But seriously, if you want to create a lively, captivating, picturesque bubble exits this is the way to do it! When you are giving instructions to all of your guests about how they are to get their bubbles, be sure to instruct them to move in REALLY close to each other! Like to the point where it might even be a little uncomfortable how close you’re standing next to the stranger besideĀ you! Shoulder to shoulder and then leave just enough space for the bride and groom to walk between the isle! That way it increases the amount of bubbles in a smaller space and sets an amazing mood for the pictures! It’s logic, but the further out your guests spread, the more scarce the bubbles will look and it will loose the fun feel that every bride is hoping for!

Now I’m about to give you a bonus tip!! (And I’m calling it a bonus tip because technically this blog post is ONE simple way to create a gorgeous bubble exit! If it’s a “bonus tip” it doesn’t count, right?) šŸ˜‰ Here it is!

BONUS TIP: To take this to the next level, buy two bubble machines and have them on either sides of the rows and right near the place the bride and groom will be starting to walk through their guests! Turn those babies on high and then vwa-la! Once the bride and groom come out of the ceremony, they’ll walk right between the bubble machines and then through their guests that are standing super close to one another! This creates a magnificent backdrop of bubbles from the bubble machineĀ in the background and smaller bubbles that guests are blowing fromĀ the sides! Give it a try! I promise you won’t regret it! šŸ˜‰