A Classy Family Session at Unity Village | Lee Family

Stone structures tall, immoveable, relentless. Each stone stood exactly as it should. Details uniquely crafted, arranged and created. In large archways, curved and majestic they treasured this moment. The moment the three of them spent together. Their family in Kansas City all the way Washington–just to be together on their only sons first birthday. This day. This moment.

Korean tradition running deep through their words, their actions, their lives. And here they let me in, let me enjoy it with them. Brian–sincere and engaging and devoted to the two other lives that sat there beside them. Jin–loving and beautiful and tender. These two parents were given to Mason, their handsome young son. He was wrapped in traditional clothing…shoes, hat, belt. His eyes were deep and thoughtful. The perfect blend between Brian and Jin. As Brian held his son, Mason smiled at his mom behind me. Gray, cloudy skies drizzled on and off for ten minutes, but then decided it was time to celebrate Masons birthday with the rest of us.

Jin’s deep navy blue skirt paired perfect with Brian’s clean, slate gray slacks and crisp button down. As we strolled to the bridge connecting fountains and archways and towers, Brian held Mason. I wonder if one day Mason will look back and see these pictures, see his dads strong arms carrying him and realize it will be those same arms that will be with him through life. I wonder if he’ll hear his mothers soft encouragement and see that same smile in these memories from his first birthday. I hope so. I hope that Jin and Brian will remember the love they had this day–for each other, for Mason. I hope they’ll remember the hours they spent and miles they traveled to be together. That each memory stopped would be cherished. That the Lee family would love without end and that their memories would grow deep and strong and wide and together.
classy-family-pictures-at-unity-village-in-lees-summit-by-lacey-rene-studios_0001 classy-family-pictures-at-unity-village-in-lees-summit-by-lacey-rene-studios_0002 classy-family-pictures-at-unity-village-in-lees-summit-by-lacey-rene-studios_0003 classy-family-pictures-at-unity-village-in-lees-summit-by-lacey-rene-studios_0004 classy-family-pictures-at-unity-village-in-lees-summit-by-lacey-rene-studios_0005 classy-family-pictures-at-unity-village-in-lees-summit-by-lacey-rene-studios_0006 classy-family-pictures-at-unity-village-in-lees-summit-by-lacey-rene-studios_0007 classy-family-pictures-at-unity-village-in-lees-summit-by-lacey-rene-studios_0008 classy-family-pictures-at-unity-village-in-lees-summit-by-lacey-rene-studios_0009 classy-family-pictures-at-unity-village-in-lees-summit-by-lacey-rene-studios_0011

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