Sunset Fall Family Pictures at Smithville Lake | Selam, Gashaw & Eliana

There was nothing but kindness in his eyes for her.

A kindness that was exposed in his every act towards her. The way he smiled at her beauty. The way he watched her both tend to their beautiful dark eyed daughter as well as carry their second child in her womb. His words were gentle and his touch tender. The weather was perfect and the spot completely our own….but I doubt that was the reason her smile never left her face. This was her family. This was her kind husband, her lovely daughter. With new life inside her and beautiful life all around her how could she not?

The steel blue water was calm except for the small pebbles that made soft sounds at they landed on top of the sheet like layer then sunk to the bottom. They were thrown by a little girls with curly hair and a curiosity at the world around her. Selam wore a knee length, deep rose dress–the kind that looked like it belonged in the scene.

From the solitary shore we walked up on a hill where trees were covered in gold leaves and wheat blew softly this way and that. The lake was small now, but no less delightful. Together in this hidden place in our world.
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