Fall Engagement Session at Forest Park | Mike + Brittany

If there were such thing as a time machine, I’d ask you to get in it with me. We’d hit the buttons (I’d imagine they were big and round and lit up as we touched them). We’d punch in the numbers and the oval door would slide from above us and click shut. Then back we’d go. Not long ago, but nevertheless to a time where things seemed entirely different.

Three and a half years back you’d see a slightly younger Lacey working full time at a Medical Supply Company in Saint Louis. Michael would be studying hard for his Masters. On the weekends she would do photography and on weekdays she would work a 9-5 job. On the other side of the same company–down isles full of shelves with medical stock, there was another girl. And in a way where sometimes things like this just happen, the two met.

Brittany was kind and upbeat. Eager to help those that walked in the doors and maybe even more eager to not leave a single soul left unfriended. We’d watch as the double front doors and the side entrance would be unlocked and the TV in the waiting room would come to life….first the news, then the regular afternoon shows, followed by news again until Jeopardy would turn on and the jingle from the speakers would remind us the day was coming to a close again. In the midst of the routine conversations occurred that at the time were just sweet…and now mean so much more. Brittany would tell younger Lacey that she kept up with her blog. Another day she’s tell her she saw the shoot she did that weekend and loved it! And in a sense of foreshadowing–one day Brittany mentioned, “When I get engaged, I’m having YOU do my pictures!”

And just like that–three and a half years forward–it happened. We had moved to Kansas City and Brittany had changed occupations. I remember the afternoon that I clicked open my emails to read one from Brittany! She was ENGAGED and she wanted me to be her photographer!!!! It was all the feelings. The memories. The joy in knowing the words she spoke years before held depth and meaning!

Brittany and Mike—I cannot WAIT to be a part of your wedding! To watch you–Brittany–one of the most genuinely sweet souls I know marry you–Mike–one of the most laid back grooms I know! To get to see how one job brought two friends together, and how two people get to spend the rest of their lives side by side!!
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