At Home Lifestyle Session | Reed Family

Here…in your new home, with your tiniest, newest member of the family. In your new season of life, different from the last but just as beautiful. Now not only one but two little ones whose faces daily remind you of God’s goodness and your love for one another. A big brother and a younger sister who will grow up in this home and under your care and his provision.

On that couch you’ll read to them, laugh with them, remind them of your love. In front of those large windows you’ll watch your son play football with the love of your life in the front yard. You’ll watch them wrestle in the grass and grow to respect one another. You’ll teach her how to cook in your kitchen and gracefully serve like you. In that living room traditions will be made and carried out year by year. I’m sure they’ll be hard times….but I’m even more sure they’ll be good times to out number them. You’ll welcome guests and friends through your front door and play with legs criss-crossed alongsideĀ them downstairs.

You’ll watch her take her first steps here and more than likely sit in your cream arm chair in wonder at the moments that turn to months that turn to years. This new home, this new season, this new life in your arms. Take these moments and replay them. They are yours and they are the foundations of memories to come…

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