A Downtown Kansas City Engagement Session | Justin + Jessica

The air was a new kind of cold. The kind that Christmas and it’s season blows in with it. The sky gray and overcast–it had a kind of powdered look to it. But there, underneath the colorless cover there stood two people warm with love for the other.

She was full of life, full of vibrant energy. Clothed in winter plaid–icy blues and cranberry reds. Her cream vest overtop and knee high boots completed the outfit. She wore soft, beautiful curls to match a soft, beautiful smile. He was more quiet that she, but when he spoke the words that tumbled out made her laugh. A kind pair. Genuine. Thoughtful.

On top of the city I watched their love. Big steps under foot and big buildings in the distance–although they didn’t seem so big from our view. Snow had recently fallen, the sound of white crunch was heard as they walked. And maybe that’s what made the scene so enthralling. The bleak weather contrasted by the warm love. The gray cover contrasted by the colorful personalities. The tremendous view contrasted by just two people that seemed more important that the whole of it.

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