One Day | A Personal Post from the Across the Ocean

One day….

May we look back and relive the night we stood on the edge of¬†clear blues, smooth and enchanting. May we remember the way they moved, the way they played, the way they brushed in…and out. In….and out. Cold touch on our toes and then wrapping themselves around our ankles. May we close our eyes together and see the pure white waves folding over themselves–whisking and rolling and tumbling each unique but strangely, as one.

One day may we remember. May we see images and recall the salty smell and feel the evening breeze again. May we know the sense of our hands intertwined and the peace of the other beside us. May our eyes lit at the memories of wild waves and wild hair and two people wildly in love.

One day may we see the sun sink deep beyond the edgeless blue once again. Tangerine oranges and lemon yellows and streaks of deep purple across the whimsical sky. One real and one playful reflection below it. May the muted blush dress and florals come alive again. Where the trendy boutique travelled across the world and landed beside crystal waves. May we remember our adventures. Hit pause and play and repeat. May we recall the insignificant things that made us laugh and the insignificant moments that made us pull the other one close.¬†Today this feels like my heart can’t hold one more ounce of love for you….but one day… day I know it’ll be a million, trillion, billion times more full.

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