Baby Shower at the Vintage House | Wadding Family

Two people so sweetly in love. Quiet but incredibly sincere. And kind too. That was easy to see. Inside her was their firstborn. Their next great adventure. And so one still evening, friends gathered around them to celebrate, to love, to take care of this now family of three.

In the white vintage house with decorations just so, they came together. Blue streamers and wicker chairs and barn doors with wreaths. The flowers held tiny buds about to blossom, as if even they knew this was about new life. The smell of melted frosting mingled with sweet cinnamon drifted from the warm cinnamon rolls on the counter. Laughter and words full of hope lingered with them too.

Days will turn to months which will turn into a little one in their arms–but the memories of their friends, their tribe, their people from this night will live on in their hearts and minds.

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