Why NOT To Do A Receiving Line | For the Bride

For each one of my brides I create a customized wedding day timeline! I break down your day into sections and time frames so that your wedding party, guests and family members know exactly where to be and when! It’s a very practical way that I can love on my brides and make sure all of us are sane on the wedding day!!!

There aren’t many weddings where we don’t have to rearrange, push or shift the time here or there to accommodate for the unknowns that happen. That’s normal!!!┬áBut one of the biggest time warps that can suck couples in is having a receiving line after the ceremony! Every guest is so happy for the newly weds, wanting to make sure that they give them a hug and fill them in on every part of their life in the last 10 years! Okay okay. I joke. But seriously. Because all of the pictures post ceremony involve the bride and groom–there is huge potential for wasted time where I can’t shoot.┬áNear the beginning of my career I was shooting a wedding where the bride and groom were in their receiving line for about 45 minutes!

Now I know that it’s so important to greet each of your guests and make sure you let them know how loved you feel that they chose to come and celebrate your new union! I would suggest to each bride, if you want to greet your guests to wait until the reception during dinner! That way we don’t lose valuable light and time and you aren’t rushed in your conversations! Your guests will feel more loved as you go from table to table and you will also get the most out of your wedding portraits!!

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