Summer Family Session at Loose Park | Dawson

This particular Summer night the park was uncharacteristically quiet. A few people here and there; strolling carelessly on the sidewalk taking in the golden light, laying simply on the grass soaking up the evening air, talking softly on a bench with a friend by their side. But the majority of the rolling hills and large trees and still pond was theirs.

Well, and their dogs.

Easygoing and easy natured this family of four took the night as it came. Not in a rush, but slowly, purposefully immersing themselves in the moment. In their time together. A gift if you ask me.

Willow trees tumbled over the edges of the old bridge. Cobblestones created character. Ducks and their ducklings made soft swells in the otherwise tranquil water. A gift indeed that nature packaged up and presented to them as a memory they’ll unwrap for the rest of their lives…

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