Extended Family Session at Nelson-Atkins | Graves

There is something incredibly unique, incredibly beautiful in being immersed within the depth of a family. And not just a family, but a family unit. To see the beginning of a heritage. The start to where these lives began and were shaped and formed and cultivated. To see age and maturity in the eyes of great grandparents, stories within their smiles that seem to play as they look onto their children and grandchildren and great grandchildren. Parents that care. Little arms that reach for love. Siblings with different looks, different personalities–yet inside them the same blood.

Family is a beautiful thing. An organic thing that changes and grows over time. Whose roots sink deep and branches stretch as the tree grows more full. Full of memories, of time, of paths that have been walked, of lives it grows, of characters it develops.

And this particular morning….I got to experience all of that…

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