Thinking Through Reception Details | Part 2 The Dance Floor

If you missed last weeks post–click HERE to read the first section of this series!

Next up! The dance floor! Most couples dance in the center of all their guests so no matter what angle the photographer is at, the background always includes other people. Now I know everyone wants to watch the newlyweds, but by thinking through one angle that will be stunning you will allow your photographers to take shots that make the bride and groom look like they are all alone! If you really want to up your game there are a few ideas that can help make your first dance pictures unique!

I know that every venue won’t be a gorgeous ballroom, but adding a few details here and there can make it feel like you’ve transported the newlyweds into a fairytale!
-Can you hang anything from the ceiling? Twinkle lights? Make sure there are lots for a fuller effect!
-Is it outside? What if your guests lit sparklers during it? Or released lanterns at the end?
-Try adding a backdrop to one side of the floor! What about a floral wall? Seriously though if you’ve never seen one of this, I’d love a bride forever and ever if you decided to do this! If you want some inspiration just type in ‘floral backdrop’ in Pinterest! (Note: this could be a great place for your guests to take pictures in front of the rest of the night! Looking for an awesome florist? Check out WILD HILL FLOWERS HERE!)
-Maybe a confetti or glitter drop is your thing! Talk about beautiful at the end of your dance!

By adding a few extra things you can completely transform your reception venue! Be on the lookout for the final part to this series next week!

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