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 When I shot Jessica and Justin’s wedding at Loose Mansion earlier this year and a groomsmen stuck his finger in the cake because he thought it was fake–I knew I had to get to know the artist behind the perfection! Andrea is the founder of Classic Cakes (click here to visit her website)! The funny thing was as we were emailing back and forth about it, she told me this wasn’t the first time that happened!! What!? Guys, this lady is the real deal if multiple people have thought her handiwork was so good it wasn’t real!!! When I reached out to her to be a part of the Vendor Featured Posts, she was sweet and eager to join in!!! I can’t wait for you to get to meet her!!!
Where were you born and what brought you to Kansas City?
Born in raised in Brookside (South KC).

What are three adjectives that you would use to describe yourself?
Loyal, trustworthy and empathetic.

Where is your dream vacation?
OBX. Outer Banks of North Carolina. That’s were I married my husband and have so many wonderful memories. 

If you were given the option of coffee, tea or pop what would it be?
Pop no way, I’m a health nut. I haven’t had a pop in at least 7 years. Love tea but coffee rules my world. In my past I sold coffee for a living. I’m pretty picky about my coffee and it’s my one daily cheat.
What was your major in college?
Liberal Arts was my start then I switched to Culinary Arts.

How did you get your start in cake decorating?
I was 15 and working at Milgrims, a grocery store in Brookside. I was an arty girl and my boss knew it. She asked me if I wanted to learn cake decorating and that my hourly rate would double. She sent me home to practice with some tips, bags and buttercream. The next day I came back to work and took a little test and I was a cake decorator.

Was cake decorating something that you always wanted to do? 
No I wanted to be a photographer and I was going to go to KC Art Institute, like my mother. I loathed cake decorating for years. Sometimes when something comes natural to you you don’t always see it as a gift.
What is your favorite part about cake decorating?
I’m a legal drug dealer. I accept my role in making people giddy with cake. Making people happy with food is a gift, not all can do it. It’s my calling and there is nothing else in this world I’d rather do.

How long have you been doing cake decorating?
It will be 28 years this Fall. That’s a minimum of 53,760 hours in my trade. I kinda think I’m a veteran at this point.
Follow along on her Instagram @andrea_classiccakes or visit her website at !

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