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I met Elizabeth at a breathtaking styled shoot put on by Wild Hill Flowers that I had the honor of photographing a couple months ago! (SEE IT HERE). The moment I met Elizabeth, I liked her! (I’m not even kidding over here!) She has one of those personalities that instantly puts you at ease. She was outgoing and easy to talk to! She had a charisma about her and a smile that I’m pretty sure never left her face! (And completely unrelated–an incredible sense of style!) So today, I have the joy of introducing to you a person that I feel like I’ve been friends with for forever! Meet Elizabeth Lang, wedding coordinator extraordinaire for Will Hill Flowers & Event!

Where were you born and what brought you to Kansas City?
I was born in Sioux City, Iowa and met this hunky farm boy while going to school at Iowa State University (Go Clones!!). He accepted a position in Kansas City and we’ve been here for three years.

On your days off, what is your favorite way to spend your time?
On days off you can find me sipping a fresh cup of joe on our back porch cuddled up with my pup!

What are three adjectives that you would use to describe yourself?
Bubbly, compassionate, dreamer

Where is your dream vacation?
I’ve always dreamed of going to Copenhagen, Denmark and staying in a quaint apartment in the city. Not only is it one of the happiest cities in the world, but they just so happen to have one of the best Christmas (or “Jul”) Markets and I just so happen to be a crazy Christmas fanatic. So, my dream vacation would absolutely include mulled wine, iced donuts & tiny painted Kris Kringle’s.

If you were given the option of coffee, tea or pop what would it be?
1. Coffee    2. Coffee    3. & More Coffee Please

What was your major in college?
Child, Adult and Family Services with minors in Business and Leadership.

What other hobbies do you have?
I love spending time with my hubby! Lately, we have been deep into home improvement projects and it is so neat to spend time working on something together. After moving to Kansas City I picked up a new hobby- trying new restaurants! There are so many amazing local restaurants here, but my current fav is Carmen’s Café in Brookside.

How did you get your start in wedding planning?
I dabbled in event planning with my previous career and experiences, but truly found my knack as a wedding planner when I was planning my own! I attended an open house at the venue I was getting married at and struck up a great conversation with a newly engaged couple and coached them through how I made decisions throughout planning my own wedding. By the end of the night, I had offered to plan their wedding for free! I was coordinating on my own, but really needed a mentor- and that’s when I reached out to Jenni at Wild Hill Flowers & Events! Jenni was the florist for my wedding and I adored her and the way she ran her business. She was so sweet, did everything to make my day perfect and I knew I wanted my coordination style to mirror hers. I reached out to her so I could pick her brain and I ended up leaving that meeting with a job! I couldn’t be more thankful for Jenni taking a chance on me and couldn’t imagine having a better #GirlBoss.

Was wedding planning something that you always wanted to do? 
Planning was absolutely something I always wanted to do. Before becoming a wedding coordinator, I was a nonprofit fundraiser- so basically a professional at throwing (low budget) events 🙂 I wanted to find a way to continue planning events, but be hands on rather than behind a desk. Now, I get to meet potential clients at coffee shops all over the city and dream about weddings nonstop- what’s not to love about that?!

If there is one thing that you could tell your clients (or future clients) what would it be and why?
Enjoy your engagement! You date for years, you are married for years, but you are only engaged for a short period of time so enjoy every aspect of it. Go on as many cake tastings and venue open houses (where you get a sneak peek at caterers, DJs, photographers, etc.) as you can. And the moment you get stressed about wedding planning, take a break! Go out for date night and make a promise not to talk about the wedding. [[Or, better yet, tell your coordinator what you are stressed about then go on date night and don’t think about it ???? ]]

Why did you decide to be a wedding planner?
I pursed this career because it is the perfect mix of my passion and my talents! I have a passion for helping others and I get to practice this passion every day by navigating clients through the wedding planning process. The most satisfying feeling comes after a call or meeting with a client and they comment on how much better they feel about things- how my help has calmed them and enabled them to focus back on each other and this crazy thing call married rather than the stress of planning! Of course, as a wedding coordinator, I am confident in my ability to organize and facilitate events. Problem solving though- that is the talent of mine that I utilize the most. Anything can pop up on a wedding day and that’s why clients hire us! To positively problem solve at the drop of a hat in order to make that day the Best Day Ever.


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