Antonio Villa Winery Wedding | Brittany + Mike

Hints of Summer lingered in the air, but hues of Fall fell across the tree line with singed leaves of cinnamon and hazelnut and nutmeg. Colors fusing together you could almost smell them. When you let your eyes drop lower, rows upon rows of weighted grapevines lined the horizon. Bridesmaids wore rich cranberry toned dresses. The groomsmen slate gray was accented by their navy ties. Sunflowers with yellows confident and bold accentuated the scene and mesmerized their guests.

The sun was warm but the air was crisp. The golden rays faded behind the trees causing the just minutes new bride and groom to pull the one they loved a bit closer into their arms. His words coaxed a smile onto her face that no one else could draw out. Her laugh caused a look only she could claim. Under a white tent they danced while day turned to night…and then some. This season-this strangely Fall feeling Summer day-began the dawn of their life as one.

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