The Quiet Path Before | Seiler Sisters

The quiet path before.

On it, light caressed each branch and twig and fallen timber–twinkling and glittering and dazzling what many would call ordinary. When the silent breeze blew slightly, thousands of leaves flashed like tiny mirrors catching the light just so. Tucked inside the woods and away from the drum of everyday was this quiet path. Two sisters. Twins. So alike and yet so beautifully different. Arms around the other, with glances that spoke what words didn’t need to. Laughter billowed down the path. This quiet path. It tickled the ears and danced through the tall wheat. They leaned on each other, much like they did in life. They took the others hand and skipped and twirled and held as confirming what the other already knew–they would always have the other.

Down this quiet path….and the countless ahead.

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