His Heart Safely Within Her Own | Kylie + Curtis Wedding

The strings that connected the gray skies to the heavens were loosened, causing the clouds to fall low on the tall, towering, buildings that formed the city they loved. And in the middle of it all–inside one of the buildings, inside one of the rooms–was a bride whose dreams of becoming his wife would soon all come true.

Powder gray walls, windows that stretched to the ceiling & exposed brick to accent. Friends who through the years had lived life with her, shared stories with her, and would today stand beside her. Out the door and down the quiet hall led to the rooftop with L-shaped couches and eager winds moving around the brick corners and through their hair as if somehow it knew the joy of the day. There they laughed and celebrated the hours to come.

He was ready to see his bride. The one who held his heart safely within her own. Tears that held stories of all they had already shared together and all the memories of yet to come. Tears that spoke more than words could at the sight of her beauty. Tears that solidified she was his forever as she stood before him dressed in white.

And the hands of time spun on and took them to marble structures and tender glances and twelve people who stood next them-and promised to do so forever-through thick and thin. They spun to a breathtakingly grand chandelier with hundreds of glowing lights above them as they committed their lives to one another. They spun to first dances and a room full of friends and family to witness it all. And they would continue to spin on….just now no longer showing two lives separate, but one together. Starting now. Starting today.

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