Lauren + Blake | Anniversary Session

Evidence of dawn reflected not in the color across the sky, but in the scent of rain across the water.

One deep breath in.
Then out.
Then back in again.

Here, in early morning moments, simple quiet surrounded them. Soft reflecting wrinkles created movement on the otherwise still lake. Morning song echoed from one tree branch to another with a clear tune unique as the feathers it came from. From deep inside the dark clouds above, thunder broke the silence. And there…in the middle of the song, in the middle of the lake, in the middle of the boat….man and wife rowed.

Over 547 days since she wore white and he looked at her for the first time as his own.

That look is a memory.
But today, as they lingered in the first few hours since the earth awoke, his eyes saw her again. This time with a deeper meaning. With a deeper love. With a deeper commitment to stand by her side through every season.

That morning the rain came.
But the hand that held the other, his wife-her husband, gripped it with a certainty that the days would progress on. The seasons would change again. The weather would come and go…..but the other would be beside them till death did they part.