Her Hands | Mom & Me Session

Her hands.

Full. Each moment taking the time to tend. To care. To nourish. To love. To comfort. To give.

Two young boys entrusted to her who will one day grow to be two young men. To shape. To prepare. To build character and strength and morals. The exhaustion in the long days, the joy in the new discoveries, the delight in the simple ordinary in’s and out’s. Her hands, her heart, her life. Spun around and wound up in the little legs that ran around her. It was her devotion daily seen, her patience daily given, her space daily entered that showed them–maybe not today and not tomorrow–but years down the road, that their mother stood by them without delay, loved them without limits and gave of herself without hesitation.

These boys.
Her hands.
Her heart.
Her life.

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