Planning a Family or Engagement Session? | Read This First

I’ve written many posts about how important your outfit choice is in the final product from your session (check them out HERE, HERE or HERE). That should tell you what an impact they have on your images!! Here’s one more tip as you prepare for your session-and it’s an easy one!

Color choice is important.

As you think through the location that together we’ve worked through and chosen, think about the main color it provides and try not to “match” your main color. For example: If you’re going for a more woodsy look back into lush trees, don’t wear an all green dress. Instead try to pick a color that compliments green (like purple, blue, pink or red). If you’re session is in a yellow wild flower field, stay away from a solid yellow blouse as your main outfit. Your images will pop beautifully when the whole image isn’t just one color. It’s completely fine to have a pattern that includes that color (in fact it’s good! Look at the image above!), I would just highly suggest staying away from making it your main color in your outfit. Use it as an accent color, but try to stay away from your whole image being just one color (background and outfit).

And if this is overwhelming for you, don’t worry at all! You can either email me a picture of your outfits to give me a better idea of what I should be scouting for or if you’re doing an engagement session and have two outfits I’ll usually ask to see both before we begin our session so I can pair the outfits with the best location! It’s quick and easy and a little tid-bit to tuck back in your mind as your plan your outfits but one I promise you will be well worth it!

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