Snow Dusted Life | Jared, Jessica + Jaiden

The world seems magical when it snows. Frosted white flakes floating from the sky and covering the earth below in wonder. And in this spot, this day, with these people…the awe only seemed to increased.

Her hair long with loose curl. Black tights and knee high boots. His sweater and plaid scarf. Their son. Gray bowtie. The pond behind them had seen warmer days, but the season of thanks and love and slowing down lay ahead.

In their arms is where he loved to be. Safe, secure, snug. Close. The chill in the arm drew him even closer as the last rays of light slipped behind the snow dusted trees.

This was them. Family of three. And with the holiday season ahead and the sweet memories of past behind–it left them right here. Right now. Together in this snow dusted life.

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