Do This After Every Styled Shoot

There is a ton of work that goes into organizing, planning and executing a styled shoot from start to finish. And if you’re a photographer, the end of the shoot is just the beginning of your work. But the community you’re creating, the quality of work you’re producing and the future clients you’re attracting makes it all worth it.

But if there was something that I do for every styled shoot that I’m a part of–something that takes five minutes max but will save you countless more in the future–it’s this.

Once the styled shoot is complete I go home and open the “Notes” app on my phone. From there I enter every vendor that was involved as well as the part they played. (Example: Florist @______ Venue @______ Calligrapher @________ Models @______ etc). It’s important to check and double check not only that you’ve included everyone but that you’ve entered the social media handles correctly. I have a specific folder titled Styled Shoots and then a list of every vendor from each one below it.

Here’s why it saves me time.

One of the best things about being a part of styled shoots is the promotion that takes place as each vendor is sharing and resharing images and tagging everyone involved! Everyone’s name is being exposed to new clients on different social media platforms! It’s incredible! But taking the time to type each vendor of each styled shoot for one image wastes so much time! Not only that, trying to remember everyone from a styled shoot months ago would be a task in an of itself!

Enter the notes app.

Just click open your Styled Shoot Notes section, go to that specific shoot and then copy the vendors involved! It saves TONS of time, is convenient and allows you to be 100% positive that you haven’t missed anyone or incorrectly tagged them! A simple tip–but one worth doing!

(Bonus Tip: While you’re entering the names of all the vendors involved, don’t forget to list yours at the bottom with your social media handle as well. Why? If vendors reshape your post to their timeline, it guarantees that you’re included in the list of tagged vendors)

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