Like a Flowered Life that Blooms | Mead Family

It’s amazing that something so small as a look can change everything.

The trajectory of all that stands before.

And a look turned to like which turned to love which turned to forever till death do us part.

And that love that deepened and grew took root. It was made stronger by storms and stable by what daily watered it. It was self sacrifice. It was laughter. It was memory making at it’s best.

Then just when you think it couldn’t get better…something else happens. That flower begins to bud.

It blossoms into a family.
The two that will always be, turned to three.

And it becomes something breathtaking. The love swells beyond what you thought possible. The person standing by your side you experience with new awe. The tiny one in your arms you nurture and watch grow….

Much like a flowered life that blooms….

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