Morning Rays of Hope | Allie + Ryan Engaged

In the morning, in the breath of a new day, there lived something.

Something inside her smile. Something inside his touch. Something that tumbled from the newly risen sun and bounced back flashes and flickers across glistening, glass-like waters.

Something that wrapped around their waists and tucked itself inside their hearts. Something the past grew to know and the future banked upon.

It was hope.

Hope in the love they shared. The love that grew between them. Hope for an even sweeter love still. Hope in the memories they held and the ones that dreamt about making together. Hope in two worlds becoming one. Hope for the home they’d build and the lives that it touched along the way.

Hope fell from the sleepy, waking skies that morning.
In golden light, hope filled each morning ray.

And they basked warm beneath it together…

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