Because | Zach + Rachel Wedding

It wasn’t the softness in their speech or movement of their words. It wasn’t their tender touch. It wasn’t the joy that resonated from their spirits or even the beauty pouring forth from the spaces that filled their day.

All these things were there….

But with these two, it was something else.
Or Someone else.

It was because of Jesus that they found the other. Because of His great plan for their lives that they began their marriage and walked on to their future. It was because of Him that they could stand before friends and family and say, “Yes, we will forever love and respect and honor each other so that You alone get the glory.”

It was because of Him their wedding was filled with commitment and bliss and wonder. Because of Him their hearts fell onto pages and into letters to the other with desires to change the world for His glory. A couple powerfully in love–both with one another, and with Jesus.

Because of Him their day was different.

And because of Him, every day that follows will be just the same…

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