Stone Garden Wedding | Haley + Justin

In the middle of the world, of the state, of the city there was a perfectly situation garden with pergolas and stone staircases on either side. Florals and greenery everywhere the eye turned. There were white chairs to be filled with guests both near and far.

There were faint blush dresses that flowed ever so slightly from the touch of the breeze. Soft greens fell from bouquets. Suspenders snapped over groomsmen shoulders.

There was a bride.
And a groom.

His eyes only for her.
Her smile just for him.

There were handwritten vows and tears. There were stolen looks and laughter. There were stairways where they stood, they took the others hand, they became man and wife.

It happened here.
In the stone garden.

A magical place where the world quieted just a bit.
And they found themselves starting their forever.

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