Eric + Alli | Winter Engagement at Shawnee Mission Park

Winter settled in but if you looked closely enough, fragments of Fall still graced the scene. Tall nutmeg colored grass bent back and forth, back and forth ever so slightly in the little nook of the world completely their own.

Life was quiet around around them. Gray skies covered them like a blanket, yet somehow, someway they didn’t need the extra warmth. Maybe it was his spontaneous, sensitive, kind ways. Maybe it was her beauty and deeply caring heart. Maybe it was all of it.

Trees had lost their leaves, but it didn’t matter because they had found their love. A small path marked with footsteps of past travelers, but not for them. They had found their home.

Together–now and forever as they breathed in each season here and to come. Life would change. But this–this love–this would not.

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