Nelson Atkins Museum Engagement | Chris + Mary

The aura of Summer was being ushered in. Her warm, gentle presence accompanied by the lingering light of the Sun. Together they savored the company of one another. Together with glitter and glow and gleam they mixed and swirled and set forth the atmosphere of a perfect evening.

Flowers grew on her long, loose gown. They twisted around her lovely frame and twirled together as he spun her. All the while he watched with wonder as they adorned her and quietly marveled that she was his.

Their smiles held hope. The hope of their future. The hope of their enduring love and the breath of what was to come.

Tonight was a foretaste. A tiny sampling of a thousand nights they would spend together with Summer’s arms and Sun’s rays. This was just one memory they would share amid the thousands of that lay ahead…

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