Love at Yes | Dreama + Joseph Engagement at Nelson Atkins

They met on a blind date where one yes changed the trajectory of their lives.

Yes to meeting the other.
Yes to a night out.
One yes and (without knowing it at the time) their hearts, soul and spirits would never be the same.

Just one yes.

One yes turned to countless more.
Yes to a phone call.
Yes to the pursuit.
Yes to the desire to be know and the courage to be known.

Yes to long distance.
Yes to together though apart.

And then another yes.

This one held the yes to be his.
Yes to grow old beside and yes to live young with.
Yes to cheer the other on, encourage and uplift.
Yes to the low, the journey and the glorious mountains in between.
Yes to now.
Yes to today.
Yes to tomorrow and every day that followed.

Love at yes. The thousands they said before and millions they’ll say after…

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