Loughner Family | Shawnee Mission Park

Rays of light caught between the branches of the Summer trees.

Craning tall, as if opening their arms for the last traces of the day’s warmth, the trees grew high and rich with foliage. Lavender and lacey white wildflowers sprinkled accents of color through the overgrown field. And every so often if you took the time to look, you might see bunches the color of sunshine yellow speckled magically about.

Life was full and sweet.
The life they had. The life they shared now. The life that was yet to be lived.
One beautiful daughter here and one precious one on the way.

Cool whispers of the wind danced through the blossoms and lazily twirled to and fro from petal to petal. Yes, life was rich and dear and bursting all around them…the key was to stop. And in one full motion, one deep sweet breath, breathe in…and then out again. In and then out again…to let the moment was over and in and through. Every sense and sound and smell memorized.

An evening made perfect for them.

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