She Will Change the World | Kai, Trista & Aeryn

“She will change the world…” Trista said with gentle confidence as she watched her daughter.

Full of life.
Full of spirit.
Full of strength.

And as I let the power of her mothers words and the certainty in which she spoke them settle deep into my heart–I knew.

I knew the life her words gave. The breath in which they were spoken confirming what was sure in her mind.
I knew the time it took to help shape and mold and nurture.
I knew their consistency. Their patience. Their love.

I knew the moments and days, the circumstances and situations in their home and their everyday living that were the roots to encouraging her to soar.

Changing the world isn’t done by happenstance or coincidence or luck. It’s done by love and discipline and support. By teaching and care. By time and promise and dedication. As I watched the three of them go–I knew–

She would change the world.

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