Heritage Park | Blick Family

Four precious eyes of two precious girls always watching.
Looking to their mom, to their dad.
Every day observing their words, modeling their actions.

And it’s in those everyday, ordinary moments they’ll learn love. They’ll learn the selfless acts and humility it takes to care for a family.
They’ll learn grace and strength and daily rhythms.

While watching they’ll grow.
And flourish.
And blossom.

While watching they’ll feel safe and secure, snug, sheltered and shielded.

While watching they’ll master skills, they’ll mature.
They’ll become their own.
They’ll amaze.

Until one day–in the most beautiful circle of life–four eyes…this time a mom and dad….will watch. They will watch the two women they raised grow into something breathtaking and extraordinarily exquisite. And it will occur to them slowly at first, and then in an overwhelming flood of gratitude, that they became those women while watching the two of them in each moment of everyday, ordinary moments.

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