Kirsten + Dominick | Backyard Wedding

There is a unique kind of love for the ones who waited, who prayed, who yearned and then to one day–in the Lord’s perfect timing–to finally meet.

Their day was full.
The abounding type.

Full of love lavish for the other and lavish life for Him.
Full of worship and music and dance.
Full of gratitude.
Full of grace.

Full of friends and family and friends that were family.
Full of nature and hidden paths.
Full of memories from time past and full of promise of times to come.

Full of honor and praise, respect and culture.
Full of a thousand tiny details that made up who they were and who they were becoming together.

There’s a unique kind of love for the ones who waited and a sustaining kind of love from the One who remained with them through it all. Their love, this love, is the lasting kind. The full kind. The kind that never fails or fades because it draws it’s life from the One who breathed it into them to begin with.

That’s how their marriage began.
And through His care, protection, love, kindness and faithfulness–that’s how it will go on.