Kansas City Photographer | The Min Family

The sun had slipped softly behind the hills. A Fall evening where gold dusted the treetops and scattered magic below. And it was there we settled in. Where wheat danced with the breeze and tiny hands reached for wide brimmed hats. Where laughter came easy and adventure was everywhere in the eyes of their little boy.

There was something about that evening.
Grace and peace and love.

A family so authentic, so present.

And it’s in moments like this one that I’m aware all over again the privilege it is to be a family photographer and the joy is is to create alongside you, to give you heirloom imagery for a lifetime.

I could have spent the whole evening talking with the Min family. There was a kindness in their eyes that overflowed to their speech and actions. When Sarah and I begin working together to create their wardrobe, I knew something soft and feminine would be perfect. The dress from the client wardrobe with the large tie in the back and tiny floral pattern couldn’t have fit her more beautifully. The vision came together with the soft lavender romper and bow for their daughter and light natural tones for father and son. To me, it’s more than just being a family photographer. It’s the experience that I love. That is the heartbeat behind what I do. Giving exclusive access to my client wardrobe for mamas. Removing the time and stress of coordinating the rest of the family’s outfits. Finding a location with dreamy light and inspiration. Creating natural moments between family members and then crafting romantic imagery the cherish for a lifetime.

Min family, your gallery is breathtaking.
But you all are more so.

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