Nine Month Studio Session | William

There is nothing quite like watching your child grow. Grow in curiosity and marvel at the most simple, everyday things….things that to their precious eyes, seem profound. And they draw us in and slow us down and teach us to see those same things again. To hear the birds. See the planes. To stop and wonder at the bugs on the sidewalk or the squirrel in the front yard. To see their little legs learn how to crawl and stand as they reach up and grasp for your hand (which of course, you eagerly give).

And it’s amazing when you look close, you see they are watching you. Their mother. Watching your expression and your actions. Listening to your soft tones and reading your body language. They are mimicking you, quite literally growing up in your likeness.

And suddenly the weight of it all makes sense.

They are becoming. They are growing. They are daily being molded, moment by moment, into your little one no longer your little baby…but your child. One with intellect and characteristics. One with interests and a story all their own. And you are the keeper of those things. The one who helps them become.

What a gift to them…but oh, maybe more, to you.

I remember the exact spot Brittany told me she was pregnant. (No truly, the literal spot!) I had the joy of co-hosting her baby shower in anticipation of William’s arrival (two days before my surgery last year…a good way to keep the mind preoccupied), did her sunrise maternity photos so of course I was eager to shoot Williams nine month studio session in our new home!

Brittany, you care for William with such gentle ease. Your transition to motherhood has been with such grace and it’s been a joy to be an onlooker! Thank you for allowing me to help you cherish this season with your firstborn. It’s my heart that when you look back and see his nine month studio session…with snuggles and laughter and play that you would remember again the gift he is to you. And oh is he a gift! I love you friend!

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