Heritage Park Extended Family | Mustain

When you intentionally slow down and look, like really look, the clarity of the importance of the people surrounding you shifts everything into focus. Days seem faceable. Mountains seem surmountable. Challenges and joys ahead are something you’ll face side by side, drawing strength from one another.

The gift of presence. The gift of people. The gift of life and of everything that it holds.

So many heartbeats, personalities, dreams, tiny people in the midst of their becoming. Wisdom from years already lived. Grace from those who walk the same season with you. Siblings that encourage, that whisper, “I see you and you’re doing a good job.” Spouses entrusted to care for daughters. Uncles with full arms of nieces and nephews. Parents watching on with pride and a depth of love words fail to express.

This is where treasures are found.

I love when photos of past clients are seen by friends and soon those friends become clients as well. The intertwining of lives and stories is a gift I don’t think I’ll ever get over. Rachel knew Destiny (see her session here) from years past, friends whose lives intersected after serving together at Kanakuk.

So when Rachel (from Texas) reached out asking if I had any availability to do an extended family session in Kansas City while their whole family would be together, I absolutely said yes! (And I’m so thankful I did!)

This family was bursting with love and energy. At all times there was some sort of laughter–from the adults, from the kids. Cousins ran to each other with arms open for bear hugs (unprompted I might add). They were kind and invested not just in their photos, but in me which was another unexpected gift. Rachel stood well after the session was over asking about our family and our story. Her words were encouraging and her intentionality touched my heart.

People–families like these are beautiful. Not just in outward appearance (which they clearly are) but deep inside. Thank you for letting me step into this season with you. May these images be cherished for years to come.

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