Top Five In Home Session Tips

As we welcome in the New Year, there’s a sense of eager anticipation for what lies ahead. And some of our most sacred moments are built within the walls of our home. They are relaxed, organic, natural. Home equals comfort, authenticity. And it’s with that in mind that I want to share my top five tips for preparing for your in home session! Five of my favorite pieces of advice for timeless images with the people you love most, in the space you call your own. Are you ready? Here we go!

1) The Space: Clear the Clutter

I’m not saying deep clean your house (unless that makes you happy), but what I do recommend is clearing the floor and countertops. Throw toys in the closet and put tippy cups in the cabinet. Less visual clutter allows the focus of the photo to stay where it should be…you. 

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2) The Atmosphere: Turn on the Music

I love this one! Let the empty spaces be filled your favorite music! Your kids will love it and your spouse will relax. Music encourages dancing, smiles and genuine comfort. I promise you’ll love it too!

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3) The Lighting: Open the Blinds

Before your session begins, I recommend going through your home and opening the blinds. Natural light is magic for your images and will allow me to quickly see the best spaces in your home to photograph. (Bonus: Overhead lights and lamps cast a yellow tint so go ahead and turn those off as well!)

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4) The Unexpected: Roll With It

There is almost always going to be an unexpected pause in session. A baby needs changed, toddlers need a snack. We’ll pause (no big deal). Just relax and know it’s normal! You’ll stay stress free for the remainder of your photos and your family will be happy!

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5) The Everyday: Make it Your Own

Want to make pancakes with the kids? Go for it! Want to pull out the wood blocks with your toddler or have a pillow fight in the master bedroom? I love it! If you can incorporate your everyday moments into your final images, they’ll be extra special years down the road.

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